Cyberviolence and Harassment: Dealing with Hate 2. 0

With the advent of social networks and smartphones, new forms of violence have emerged. At school, in the street or at home, the victim knows no respite. At all hours of the day and night, she endures hate messages, incitement to murder or suicide, publication of compromising photos, creation of false profiles .

Dare to talk about money with family

To talk about money is also about love. The philosopher and psychotherapist Nicole Prieur devotes, with her husband, Bernard, psychoanalyst and family therapist, a book on this subject. It invites to question the psychological issues behind the material concerns. Laurence Lemoine Bernard Prieur and Nicole Prieur both made the observation in therapy, be it individual, marital or family: "People talk more easily about their sexuality than money, says Nicole Prieur When we talk about it, they have

First session: I do not want to love

As with a brother? Maybe, yes ... And then you stayed alone? There. I now lived in Paris, I had an apartment, a job, I focused on my work, not having the slightest desire to immerse myself in a love story. And that continues. That's why your mom pushed you to see a therapist ... Oh, no, she did not push me.

Eve Ensler: "We need insecurity"

You have declared that "to live in all conscience in insecurity would make it possible to finish with the executioner-victim scheme ". What do you mean? Eve Ensler: That's one of my ambivalences. I do not think we can ever - ever! - forget the person who assaulted you. But we can not define ourselves only in rage and anger, believe me.

Introducing Bach Flowering

Fear, uncertainty, loneliness, hyperactivity: elixirs of plants can help us tame our emotional states. Agnès Rogelet In the 1930s, Edward Bach, an English doctor, noticed that an Impatiens flower was growing fast, pushing its neighbors to occupy the whole place. A behavior, after all, human! From this observation, Bach draws a method, inspired by homeopathy.

Ayurvedic ritual: 10 minutes to replenish energy

To live only mornings that sing, here is a simple Ayurvedic ritual and self massage proposed by Elodie Garamond, creator of the centers Tiger Yoga Club. Gabrielle Devosse 5 minutes for a warm awakening Is not it said that "the future belongs to those who get up early?" It is not Elodie Garamond who will say the opposite: "It is the moment when the energy of the earth is expanding, the spirit and the organs of perception are purified.